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Lawn Mowing Business Ideas That Can Make You Money

If you want to start a lawn care business, there are many ways to make extra money. This article will help you choose the best lawn mowing business ideas and get started.

Cut grass

Cutting grass is a simple, but necessary task for any lawn. If you don’t cut your grass regularly it can get very high and make it hard for people to walk on the grass. The average person needs to mow their lawn at least once a week.

You will need a lawnmower, fuel and oil if you plan on doing this yourself. If you have an electric mower then it is likely that you won’t need fuel or oil but they do make gasoline powered ones as well.

Weed wacking

The easiest way to start making money with a lawn mowing business is by doing weed wacking. Weed wacking is a great way to make money, but it can also be hard work depending on the time you decide to do it. You should only weed wack during the spring, summer and fall because if you do it in the winter your blade might freeze up and break the motor.

Prune shrubs

Pruning shrubs is a great way to increase curb appeal and make your home look more attractive. You can also use this activity as an opportunity to sell other landscaping services, such as fertilizing or mulching. In the fall, trim shrubs before the first hard frost (typically in October).

Edge walkways and driveways

One of the most common tasks in lawn care is edging. It’s important to keep grass from growing over the driveways and sidewalks, because it can make those areas slippery and prone to damage. Regular edging with a string trimmer can help prevent this problem, as well as other issues like mud puddles in rainy weather or clumping when there’s been recent snowfall. Find out what SEOMoz says about lawn business.

To start doing this job on your own, you will need some equipment:

A string trimmer is a tool that has a long line of plastic strings attached at one end and connected by nylon bristles at the other end (like an old fashioned broom). The nylon bristles create friction against hard surfaces like concrete or brick pavers so that they don’t wear out quickly when used for long periods of time by professional landscapers who spend many hours each week maintaining large properties for clients all over town!

Sweep up grass clippings on walks and driveways

The grass clippings that come from mowing the lawn can be a great source of revenue. Sweeping up the grass clippings and disposing of them properly is an easy way to make extra money.

If you are going to use a push broom, make sure that you sweep in one direction. You don’t want to go against the grain of the grass because it will damage your lawn and cause bald spots by pulling out new growth when you go back over it again.

Remove weeds in flower beds

Weed removal is one of the most common lawn care tasks for companies. If you don’t have the equipment, you can hire someone to do it for you. You can also rent the equipment from a local hardware store if you want to try it yourself or if it’s just not something that your company does regularly enough for it to be worth having on hand.

Pick up sticks, branches and other debris in the yard.

Pick up sticks, branches and other debris in the yard. Don’t throw them on the ground. Don’t burn them (unless you own a fireplace or fire pit). Don’t throw them in the trash—this is against local regulations and will get you fined if discovered by authorities.

If you want to start a lawn care business, here are some things you can do to make extra money.If you want to start a lawn care business, here are some things you can do:

  • Start small and grow your business as you go
  • Buy equipment and supplies
  • Get insurance coverage for your business
  • Find customers


We hope that this article will be helpful for you if you are looking to start a lawn mowing business. These are the most common types of jobs and can make decent money, especially if you have a lot of clients. Remember that there are many ways to make money with this type of business so we recommend keeping an open mind when it comes time for hiring employees or deciding how much money should go into advertising.